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VHR Probate

My name is Alina Pekarsky and I am a Real Estate Broker, Property Manager and Probate Specialist covering Flagler and Volusia Counties. My team of professional agents and property managers can help you with every aspect of the Real Estate transaction.

I have been a Real Estate Broker in Palm Coast since 2004 and have been a Real Estate Broker in Indiana since 1996, I am a Mother of 3 children, Wife and an Active member of this community. Throughout my career I realized how many families are faced with the daunting task of taking over of their loved ones Estates and have been approached many times by families in this difficult situation. This is what prompted me to have my company specialize in this type of service.

My company understands the difficult decision you and your family are facing. We have been serving Flagler and Volusia counties since 2004. We can help you with every aspect of carrying for your loved one’s property, picking the best strategy and getting highest possible potential to preserve legacy from your loved ones. 

Through this difficult process our service will enable you instead of carrying a burden of taking care of another property to possibly realize a great income potential a Real Estate investment has to offer. We currently have over 650 properties under our management where we create highest income potential for our owners and their families. If selling of the property is what you have in mind, we will be happy to assist you with getting the highest potential.

Our team is a complete 1 stop solution to your Real Estate needs. We will work hand in hand with your attorney to create the best and most smooth transition while helping you get the best possible financial outcome to preserve the legacy your loved ones have created.

Alina Pekarsky

RE Broker, Property Manager/Probate Specialist

(386) 569-5383